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Nick Cillessen

Kirsty – UK

Looking for a career change that would enable me to travel when I was recommended to get my TESOL qualification. I took the blended TESOL course at TEFL in Malaga in November-December 2023 and loved every moment. The course is very thorough and informative, the tutors are so helpful and support you at every step. The course enables you to learn to teach English with confidence and kick start a new career. I would recommend anyone interested in teaching English to do this course, the school and the surrounding areas are really beautiful too.

Nick Cillessen

Nick Cillessen – USA

4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL CourseI joined the 4 week course in 2022. While it was definitely intense, it has also been an excellent opportunity to hone my practice as a teacher and learn some methods for teaching English to speakers of other languages. The focus on teaching authentic students was very important, and the feedback from our instructors was invaluable towards improving quite a lot in a short period of time!

Maria Elena Mastroiacovo

Maria Elena Mastroiacovo, 63 – Italy

I really feel like sharing my experience with all of you. I have attended many language courses, and studied quite a few different languages, but this was the first time I was both a learner and a teacher during the course. It was shocking, at the beginning. It was such a bulk of work I thought I’d never make it. But, well, I did make it and it was also thanks to the good method and to the good tutor. Overall, an experience that I may recommend.

Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies – UK
4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL Course

I completed my CertTESOL in September 2022! The 4 week course is very intense but the quality of teaching you get is fantastic. The staff were so supportive and I will miss the students! Definitely worth considering if you are wanting to do your EFL training!

Vaidehi Satish

Vaidehi Satish, 37 – Indian

The last 4 weeks has been a truly enriching experience. The input sessions were well planned and had an amazing time gaining knowledge. The tutors were ever willing to share their knowledge and provide support. Would highly recommend.

Malika Anderson

Malika Anderson – USA

4-Week Face-to-Face TESOL Course
I had a very positive experience doing my TEFL course here. The tutors/instructors were great and the facility is very nice. I took the 4-week intensive course and it was definitely INTENSIVE but it was well worth it. I learned a lot and I do feel prepared to begin my career as an English language teacher.

Nat Paterson

Nat Paterson – Scotland

Thank you for the help and support over the course, which has put me in a position to find work in Italy. I noticed a huge improvement in my group teaching during the course.

Robert Gray

Robert Gray – UK

There are but 2 things in life that after availing of, have led me to doubt “Have I paid enough for this?” One is honey, (all the work that goes into producing just a teaspoon full and here I have this large Jar!) and the TEFL teachers training course. Ah 3 things…coat hangers just came to mind.. (have you ever actually bought one?) but here’s my point. This TEFL course is more than your moneys worth. Busy Bee trainers, highly professional, efficient and engaging, the end product being techniques to take home so etched into your brain synapses that you wont…..actually cant forget them evermore. I entered the course a dull dusty boring lecturer of a teacher, with ‘set in stone’ techniques and unrealistic expectations from students….(sorry S’s). Abracadabra, one month later and these horrible habits had been obliterated, sand blasted into sweet tasting and scented teaching styles, remembering amongst many other things to Read, Write, Listen, Speak with S’s and Ask, Don’t Tell! OK there is the risk of going insane due to the crazy intensity of cramming so much into one month , but none of my class did, probably due to the fact that at least 3 of us were already barking mad (but we did lose one candidate after less than a week due to the stress of it all) so pace yourself for the ‘long haul’ and not ‘economy flight’. The location location location is 3 times a winner and while there are negatives the positives genuinely outweigh all else.

Piera & Pilar

Piera & Pilar – Italy & Spain

Teaching Young Learners course The course was very interesting and useful, we got the answers to most of our questions about teaching young learners. We can’t wait to put the strategies into practice!

Arianna Petruzziello
Arianna Petruzziello, 23 – Italy

I had an extremely pleasant experience with this school. I took the online-delivered 10-weeks-course to get the Trinity CertTESOL Certificate. It was supposed to be semi-intensive, but I personally invested a lot of time into it – by having to meet multiple deadlines at once, doing the teaching practices, planning the lessons, studying the syllabus etc – therefore I must say I was glad I was not working at the time I decided to take the course. The staff is very kind, friendly, professional and ready to help. This was the first online-delivered course I have ever taken, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommended!

Dharshanie Wanithunge

Dharshanie Wanithunge, 36 – Sri Lanka

Doing the TESOL Course was the best decision which I made in 2020. It was a positive experience for me and also I gathered lots of knowledge and it helped me to enhance my teaching competencies. Generally the course was intensive and was steep learning curve but following the instructions which were given by the instructors led us to the correct path and motivated us until the end of the course. My heartiest gratitude to all the Instructors in TEFL centre. I started this course as a primary teacher and now I can proudly say that I am a TESOL graduate!

Arianna Petruzziello

 Eline Monsma, – Netherlands

I completed the online blended course with TEFL in Malaga and I can highly recommend it! It was such a valuable learning experience on a professional and personal level. I really enjoyed being a student during the course and being able to implement everything we learnt during the Teaching Practice and the assignments. Even though the course was quite demanding, the support from the tutors and the other trainees made all the difference. After the course, TEFL in Malaga helped me to find a teaching job in Malaga and gave advice on relocating to this beautiful city. I am incredibly grateful for the support of the tutors, during and after the course!