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TEFL + Intensive Spanish

Learn Spanish in Malaga, discover the Spanish culture, and meet new friends!
Student Visa Programme

In our special TEFL + Intensive Spanish combined programme, we offer our TEFL trainees the opportunity to learn and/or improve their Spanish. If you are teaching in a foreign country, some knowledge of that country’s language and culture can make your life easier and enrich your experience. The experience of learning and speaking a foreign language will help you understand language and how languages are acquired in general, which helps you adapt to your student’s needs.

Student Visa:

Our TEFL + Intensive Spanish programme meets the student visa requirements for non-EU applicants. With a student visa you will be allowed to work up to 20 hours / week. 

Course fee:

1 month TEFL course: €1499
5 months Intensive Spanish course: €1840
Course materials: €45 

Total course fee: €3384

From 7th month: €368/month

How to get the Student Visa:

Once you have completed the payment for the whole period of stay, we will be able to provide you with a certification of enrolment and an invitation letter to Spain to get your Student Visa. Please, take notice that we can release documents only for the period the student is attending the course and only for payments sent in advance (the whole amount).

*In case the visa is denied, the School will refund the amount paid for the Spanish course, after receiving a copy of the letter of rejection of the Visa, issued by the Spanish Authority (Embassy or Consulate), withholding an administrative fee of 100 euros. The fee for the Trinity CertTESOL course will not be refunded as it can be attended online or on a tourist visa.