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Want to stay informed about the TEFL sector? Get practical information about TEFL job hunting? Get to know Malaga a bit better! This blog will allow you to do just that!

Why You Should Teach TEFL in Malaga

Just imagine it. After completing all your assignments and passing all your tests, you’ve finally been presented with your accredited TEFL qualification. Along the way you realised that, actually, a lot of your pre-existing experience, from both school and work, will help you as a teacher.

semana santa

Semana Santa

Of all the benefits that can be gained from studying a tefl course online and then moving abroad, undoubtedly one of the most enticing is being able to experience traditions, festivities and celebrations that are a world away from your own culture. It’s at once grounding and intoxicating, finding yourself fully immersed in the rhythms of a different way of life.



It can be a little overwhelming to decide which qualification is the best to do when trying to start out teaching English as a foreign language. There are so many terms and abbreviations that it’s difficult to know where to even begin. So here’s some advice to help you narrow down your search and, hopefully, choose the best certification for you.


Months, weeks or days

So you’ve decided to take a leap of faith and chase your dreams of travelling, teaching and experiencing life to the fullest. But how long does it really take to become a qualified EFL teacher and embark on your first adventure? Regardless of your current situation – whether you’re a student, full time professional or between jobs – your first step will be the same.